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Structured Psychotherapy for Adolescent Responding to Chronic Stress (SPARCS) Learning Collaboratives train teams from community based mental health agencies and schools. Our model relies training teams that include an administrative leader from their agency to ensure successful implementation and sustainability.

SPARCS Learning Collaboratives include 7 face-to-face training days with bi-weekly team consultation calls between training dates. In order to graduate, each team must deliver SPARCS to at least 2 groups.


Who Should Apply?

  • Community-based agencies currently serving adolescents with the capacity to provide group sessions are encouraged to apply.
  • Groups must be led by at least one group facilitator (clinician) and one other person trained in SPARCS. The most successful teams have a senior leader, 2 group facilitators, and a group support person.
  • When reviewing applications, preference will be given to committed teams with a highly supportive Senior Leader.


Team Member Requirements

Senior Leader (at least 1 per team)

  • Senior Leaders must have administrative responsibility within their organization and/or within the local mental health community. Equally, they must have the authority to make systematic changes (e.g., policies, procedures, budgeting) to support the implementation of SPARCS within their organization and/or across the community.

Group Facilitators

  • Group Facilitators must have a master’s degree and be licensed or license eligible.
  • Group Facilitators should be currently serving adolescents.

Group Support (if applicable)

  • Group Supports will assist the group facilitator(s) in planning and preparing for group sessions.
  • They should be located at the same site as the group facilitator they are paired with or have the flexibility to be there before, during, and after group sessions.

Application and Info Calls

Spring 2020

Learning Collaborative

Fall 2020 – Summer 2021

Group Facilitator Tuition


Group Support Tuition


Senior Leader Tuition


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