SPARCS Cohort 9Triangle, Statewide

COVID-19: NC CTP will continue to monitor public health recommendations regarding social distancing and will update training dates as needed. In the event that in-person training dates (currently scheduled for fall 2021 and beyond) need to be updated to virtual training dates, trainees will be given ample notice.

Applications for SPARCS Cohort 9 have closed. SPARCS Cohort 10 will open for applications in Spring 2022

Structured Psychotherapy for Adolescents Responding to Chronic Stress (SPARCS) Learning Collaboratives train teams from community based mental health agencies. Our model relies on clinicians training together with an administrative leader from their agency to ensure successful implementation and sustainability.

SPARCS Learning Collaboratives include 6 face-to-face training days (or 12 virtual training half days), with bi-weekly group consultation calls and monthly implementation team calls between training dates. In order to graduate, trainees must complete a full course of SPARCS with at least 2 clients.

Who Should Apply?

  • Applicants are encouraged to apply as part of a team, which can bolster clinical implementation and model sustainability efforts both during and after the training period.
  • When reviewing applications, preference will be given to committed teams with a highly supportive Senior Leader.
  • Individual practitioners are also welcome to apply and may be paired with other individual practitioners for support/peer supervision during the Learning Collaborative.

Team Member Requirements

SPARCS groups are usually led by 1 Group Facilitator and 1 Group Support OR 2 Group Facilitators.  Agency teams are led by 1 or more Senior Leaders.

Group Facilitator (clinician):

  • Responsible for leading SPARCS groups;
  • Holds a Master’s degree and professional licensure in a mental health or allied field;
  • Committed to timely and ongoing client identification and documentation;
  • Attends all face-to-face learning sessions and participates in bi-weekly, 60-minute consultation calls;
  • Committed to regular meetings with the agency team (at least monthly).

Group Support:

  • Responsible for assisting the Group Facilitator in running SPARCS groups;
  • Helps plan for group sessions (e.g., identifying appropriate activities, gathering materials and snacks, making copies of handouts);
  • Assists with group activities (e.g., taking attendance, contributing to the discussion and overall flow of the group);
  • Provides support to group members during group (e.g., assisting in management of behavior problems);
  • Attends all face-to-face learning sessions and encouraged to participate in bi-weekly, 60-minute consultation calls;
  • Committed to regular meetings with the agency team (at least monthly).

Senior Leader:

  • Responsible for supporting and overseeing SPARCS implementation;
  • Has authority to make decisions within the agency regarding time and resources;
  • Attends all face-to-face learning sessions and participates in monthly, 30-minute senior leader calls;
  • Committed to regular meetings with the agency team (at least monthly).

Application Dates

Application Release

March 31st 2021

Information Calls

April 8th 2021 12:00 pm EST

Zoom link

April 12th 2021 10:00 am EST

Zoom link

Application Due Date

May 5th 2021

Acceptance Notification

May 14th 2021


Training Dates

Welcome Call (Virtual)

September 9th 2021

Orientation (Virtual)

September 16th and 23rd 2021

Learning Session 1 (Virtual)

October 6th – 7th  and 13th – 14th 2021

Learning Session 2 (Virtual)

December 1st – 2nd and  8th – 9th 2021

Learning Session 3 (In-Person)

March 17th 2021

Group Facilitator  Tuition


Group Support Tuition


Senior Leader Tuition


Other costs

Staff time for 11 virtual half-days

Staff time and travel costs for 1 day of in person training in Durham, NC

Staff time to meet other training requirements (e.g., client screening and assessment; at least weekly SPARCS sessions, planning time, and data collection; biweekly consultation calls, and at least monthly implementation team meetings)

Space or digital platform, materials, snacks, and incentives for 16 sessions of each SPARCS group

Audio or video resources to record and submit sessions for fidelity monitoring

Reach out to learn more

Contact us to learn more about participating in upcoming SPARCS training opportunities